Arena: Cyber Evolution Christmas Update!

ACE Xmas Update

Arena: Cyber Evolution Christmas Update

Spearhead Games is pleased to announce its Christmas Update for its MOSA game, Arena: Cyber Evolution.
We are very excited to release both the much awaited Party vs Party and Spectator modes, as well as new customization content through 9 new skins and 6 new hats!
In addition, you will find a few UI changes to make the game more user-friendly.
The game is still under development but this is another big move (after the dedicated server update the last month) and this Party vs Party system is the first step to more matchmaking options. You can now invite your friends within the game, build your team, and play together more easily.
In order to celebrate this update, we are organizing several events for the Christmas period!
First a championship of 7 daily tournaments from the 20th to the 26th of December with exclusive rewards for daily and weekly best players. Join Simon every day at 2pm (UTC-5) on our Twitch channel:
And also a gift giveaway event to thank our awesome community for the past few months together through our partners’ websites.
For more information, please like and check out Arena: Cyber Evolution’s Facebook page by following this link:
We will publish more details there soon!
All the Spearhead Team wish you a very Merry Christmas!
For those who missed it, enjoy the Fall Update Trailer!

E-Sports Get a Cyberpunk Makeover: Arena: Cyber Evolution, the World’s First MOSA, is Now Available on Steam Early Access

(Full press release here)

MONTREAL – August 18, 2014 – Spearhead Games today announced that the world’s first MOSA, Arena: Cyber Evolution (ACE), formerly Project Cyber, is now available on Steam Early Access. Yes, you read that sentence right: ACE is a Multiplayer Online Sport Arena, a physics-based game where super-powered champions vie for power in a 3-vs-3 soccer-inspired battle of wits and twitch reflexes. After 22 weeks of round-the-clock development guided by the game’s active community of over 90,000 players, this MOSA has evolved from a conceptually compelling prototype to a fully functional, mechanically sound gameplay experience.

To get a glimpse of the new and improved ACE, watch the Early Access Trailer, or better yet, try it out for free on Steam.

Though it originally took notes from sports like soccer and hockey, and from Champion-oriented MOBAs like League of Legends and DoTA, ACE has taken shape quite differently from either source of inspiration: as a new sport in its own right.  Unlike any other e-sport on the market, ACE allows the player to precisely control their character and the ball through direct mouse movement – no AI, no auto-targeting, and no constant clicking. In addition, ACE’s gameplay mechanics emphasize teamwork over individual strength; the game’s progression system allows experienced players to customize their character’s play-style; and the variation between characters ensures that no two matches are the same.

In ACE, you’ll play as one of five cyberpunk superheroes with unique attributes to combine and master. Right now five are available, and more are on the way:

  • Vengeful Star: A jetpack-clad midfielder who can amplify the ball’s velocity and move in hyperspeed
  • Stalker: A stealthy cyber-ninja character who can blink, unseen, from one place to another, or even disappear from sight entirely
  • The Nitrogen Queen: A frosty royal with the ability to freeze the ball in place, or slow down the flow of time itself
  • Vex Wrecker: A flying biker who can fire long range missiles and boost his movement speed
  • The Negotiator: A robotic behemoth and a natural goalie, who can teleport to the goal for last-minute saves

ACE also features dynamic arena-changing shifts –including earthquakes, gravity reversals, black holes, arena rifts, and more – which will ultimately be directly controllable by the viewing audience.

“Building a legitimate e-sport – especially when the market is as MOBA-saturated as it is right now – is an ambitious endeavor,” said Simon Darveau, Spearhead co-founder. “That’s why we’ve made our development process 100% transparent. We’ve streamed our design meetings on Twitch every day since we began, and that open feedback loop has ensured that the game we are building is something that gamers want.”

ACE’s Early Access build will also feature the in-game currency “Cyberbux”, used to buy and upgrade implants or to unlock entirely new characters. Cyberbux can only be earned by leveling and completing Missions, and are not available for purchase – ACEwill never let players use real-world money to gain a tactical advantage. In addition, though ACE will always be free to play, Spearhead has introduced an Online Store stocked with skins and character customizations, to let players show off their individuality without gaining any strategic edge over non-paying players.

Jump into the alpha, or learn more at the game’s official website.

Stay in the loop by following Spearhead on Twitter and Facebook.

A Message from the Original Spearhead (Games)

If you haven’t heard the news, EA Seoul has been rebranded with the much catchier name, “Spearhead – An EA Company.” Of course, we at Spearhead Games are flattered and honored that EA likes our name so much that they decided to try it on for themselves.

So for the sake of avoiding confusion, here’s a quick compare and contrast between us, Spearhead Games, and them, Spearhead.

How Spearhead Games is similar to Spearhead:

  • We make video games (obviously).

  • “Continuous innovation” is a pillar of both companies.

  • We are passionate about pushing online sports gaming forward (with our Project Cyber, and their FIFA Online 3).

How Spearhead Games is different from Spearhead:

  • Spearhead Games is NOT an EA studio; we are an independent studio of 14 people.

  • Spearhead Games is located in the hockey-worshipping town of Montreal, Canada, not the horse-riding dance district of Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea.

  • Spearhead Games is pushing game development forward via a communal development process. Our latest project, Project Cyber, is in pre-alpha and is free for anyone to play by registering at Players can lend their voice and shape the game through our daily 7:00 pm ET Twitch live-stream, Steam forum, or even by commenting directly in our public design documents.

So what’s next for Spearhead Games? On the game front, the Steam Early Access build of Project Cyber launches on August 14th, with a ton of new features including new playable champions, a robust character-progression system, and most importantly, redesigned gameplay with a better focus on cooperative play.

Also, we are looking forward to years of answering players’ emails about FIFA Online 3 and fielding online job requests for our brethren from across the globe. Apologies ahead of time to Spearhead for all the Steam key request emails and Tiny Brains fan art. We can send you guys locally-brewed beers if you want to send us some makgeolli!

What is Project Cyber?

Project Cyber is a free-to-play 3v3 sports game, featuring the most precise controls of its genre and a MOBA-like champion-based logic. The game takes some inspirations from hockey and soccer (football to the rest of the world) but adds in superpowers and item boosts. It is available now on Steam and, best of all, it’s completely free!

Spearhead Games - Project Cyber

Major Update for Project Cyber!

Some of you may have noticed an update for Project Cyber on Steam and you’re probably asking yourself: “What is in it?”.

It’s a complete revamp of the game! If you’ve been following the Community Streams on our Twitch channel, you’ll know what has changed since PAX East.

We’ll be sending out an email on Monday with a complete list of changes, but here are some of the major ones:

  • New look!
  • New character: Stalker
  • Disc grab/pass system
  • Characters have new secondary and ultimate abilities
  • Tutorials for new players
  • Player progression system with unlockables
  • Implant system
  • Goal replays
  • and much, much more!

Project Cyber Weekly Tournament


We’ve been hard at work since PAX East to revamp and improve the gameplay of Project Cyber. Now that the characters and their abilities are being solidified, it’s time to bring back the competitive aspect of the game. To do so, we are organizing weekly tournaments!

To participate:

  1. Form a team of three (3) players. (Need extra players? Post here).
  2. Sign up to Challonge!
  3. Create a new team here (only 1 member of your team needs to do this).
  4. Add the 2 other members of the team in the Administration/Members section of your Team Profile.
  5. Sign your team up to the Project Cyber Summer Tournament (Week 1) at

You have until June 18th (6PM Eastern Time) to sign up. We will announce the brackets and details of the tournament on the Project Cyber Community Stream on June 19th. Stay tuned to  the Community Stream during the week to see some of the matches and the finals!

Winners will get to face Team Spearhead, who have been training real hard, and win some cool “prizes”.

Spearhead Games Unleashes First Tournament and Worldwide Playtest for Project Cyber at PAX East

(Original press release can be found here.)

MONTREAL – April 8, 2014 – Spearhead Games, an independent developer based out of Montreal, today announced that the studio will demo Project Cyber and host its first tournament at the Unreal Engine Epic Booth #1147 at PAX EastProject Cyber is a physics-based competitive game where champions compete in 3-vs-3 soccer-inspired battles in a cyberpunk world. Spearhead has opened up the entire development process to the community, and more than 50,000 players have already requested Steam keys to share their feedback and see the game progress.

In anticipation of the conference, Spearhead is releasing the official trailer for the game today:

“Through Project Cyber, we’re exploring the concept of e-sport spectators being able to affect the player experience like in a real live sport,” said Malik Boukhira, co-founder at Spearhead Games. “At PAX we’ll be showing off new dynamic in-game events that, eventually, live-streaming viewers will be able to trigger with their votes! The possibilities for this technology are endless, and we’ll be soliciting more thoughts about it at the Unreal Engine Epic booth.”

In Project Cyber, teams compete in a dystopian battle arena and choose from sleek, powerful characters with unique battle skills: virtual pop icon Vengeful Star is perfected for long-range attacks, while the rebel Vexwrecker covers close-range hits, and sentient robot The Negotiator blocks and deflects the disk with defensive prowess. Just a few weeks in, Spearhead has already implemented suggestions from its community into the game, including building a deflection force on the outer rim of the arena and creating in-game events like earthquakes, gravity shifts and map reconfigurations.

Spearhead believes that making games is better together, and invites fans to sign up for the first ever tournament at PAX East Booth #1147, share ideas on Twitch weekdays at 12:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern, and request a FREE playtest Steam key at

Tiny Brains Content Update

From the press release:

Today indie studio Spearhead Games and publisher 505 Games released a new (and totally free!) update for their co-op puzzler Tiny Brains on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. Based on community feedback, Spearhead’s new content provides both brand-new levels and updates to existing content. And if you’re curious about the game, now’s the time to buy – Tiny Brains is now priced at $9.99 on all three platforms. Check out the new updates here:

New features include:

  • 10 new time-based and puzzle challenges in the “Road to Stardom” game mode, including the Infernal Carousel, Battle of Sphereburg, and Matrix Ball
  • A rebranded version of existing content in “Escape the Mad Lab” and a new star-based progression and scoring system in the revamped “Road to Stardom”.
  • Souped-up superpower for the Minsc the hamster — Now, he can freeze objects with his ice blocks!
  • Updated user interface that allows players to better navigate throughout modes and challenges.
  • New online functionality for the demo, so trial players can host online games through Chapter 1 and join campaign games hosted by players with the full version.

Today’s Tiny Brains update is a great reason for players to grab some friends and put their miniature noggins together for adorable and frenetic puzzle co-op.

Project Cyber Steam Key Request Form

Be part of the making of our exciting next project, Project Cyber (working title), a community-created physics-based competitive game!

Register here to receive your FREE Steam key of Project Cyber and gain access to a very early and continuously updated version of the game. New requests are processed every weekday afternoon during the afternoon (Eastern Time). Please be patient.

Every weekday at 7PM ET, we broadcast the latest development breakthroughs, play with the community and gather feedback live on our Twitch channel.

You can learn more about the project in this video.

Thanks for your interest and we await your feedback. Help us make a great game!

* indicates required

Welcome to Project Cyber

Looks like we got quite the number of new players!

First of all, welcome aboard Project Cyber. You’re now part of the amazing community helping us shape and create an awesome 3-vs-3 competitive game.

Please join us at 7PM ET on weekdays as we run live online playtests and chat with the community on

Find and talk to other players in the Steam discussion board ( or the official Steam community group, Global_Cyber_Playtest.

Project Cyber Announced

It’s official! We announced Project Cyber, our community-created physics-based 3v3 competitive game, last night on Twitch. Watch the video for all the details.

To sign up and join us on this crazy adventure, fill up the form at We’ll send you a Steam key to play the game in its current state.

Watch us every weekday night at 7PM ET at to get instructions on how to play and watch a live match. We’ll also address some of your feedback.

Welcome aboard! This is transparent game development!