If you’re a fan of The Who, the death of Keith Moon draws a pretty clear line in the sand when it comes to which albums are worth remembering and which you should probably forget. It’s not just that the sound of the band changed after Moon’s untimely (though not terribly surprising) demise, but the spirit did too. As a result, most Who aficionados find their later career releases less palatable.

My love of their 1981 album Face Dances, then, makes me something of an anomaly.

On it, tucked between surprisingly upbeat and poppy tunes like “You Better You Bet” and “Daily Records” are a handful of songs that still retain a touch of the seventies — even if they sound a little more like Supertramp than The Who of yore. It’s one of these particular songs that I find myself humming a lot lately, usually after I meet with an indie game maker or small studio that seems completely disconnected from the rest of the industry around them.

“How Can You Do It Alone?”

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